About us


As a mother of four girls, I created this brand so that we as women can feel great about ourselves. Sometimes as mothers we get caught up in trying to be the perfect role models for our children and not paying attention to who we were before motherhood.

I want you to be able to learn how to still feel confident and beautiful as a mother. It is important to make time for yourself, pamper yourself, too look and feel amazing on the inside and outside. I want women who use my makeup to feel confident! 

Our mission: We want everyone who uses our products to feel:

‘BOLD AND PROUD’. This is why we stand by our word. BE BOLD, BE YOU, BE PROUD!!


Learn to love who you are in your own skin and BE BOLD.

When you use our products we want you to feel empowered and confident. When you look good, You feel good. Do it for yourself 🖤💛

Love Jackie

Jos Cosmetics London