Which brushes to use for makeup application ?

There are many who buy makeup brushes and do not know which makeup brush is used for what. Thats totally understandable as not everyone is a makeup artist. Alot of the times they just know the basics such as foundation brush, blusher and powder brush, and use their fingers to complete their application too.

Social media has made it more accessible to knowing which brushes to use for which application, as we watch influencers and makeup artists on how they apply their makeup for different occassions.

There is no right or wrong way to use brush tools. What matters is the results in how your makeup looks afterwards. 

Below is a guide on how to use our Jos Cosmetics London luxury 14 piece collection





This blending brush is a great tool for picking up product and blending into the crease to create a seamless blend 

The mini luxe angled brush can be used  to create a smooth finish, when blending for contouring or concealer.

The large shader brush is used to apply concealer/ foundation in hard to reach areas and also used for creams and liquids
The dual ended angled brush is for multiple use including eyebrow application and grooming the brows with the spoolie at the end. Use also to create a softer eyeliner look.


The Shadow brush is used for creamy or powdery eyeshadow whether you use it for applying or blending, this brush can be used for great eye looks.
The mini flat shader is great whether carving out a cut crease, defining the brows, or to even pack on shadows. This mini brush is small, however works wonders.
The medium flat shader brush allows for everything used for the mini shader brush and larger shader brush. Its a win win.
Our mini luxe buffing brush can be used for blending out creams, liquids and powders.
The large angled contour brush is widely used for contour giving a smooth and soft application
The luxe stippling brush is another brush used to apply foundation or powder for a more softer lightweight application. 
The large powder/Bronzer brush used to apply powder/bronzer from the forehead to the hollows of your cheek. Lets not forget it can also be used for applying highlighting powder to the body too.
The tapered powder brush can be used to apply powder easily to your cheeks as a blush brush. It can also be used to apply other powders such as setting powder and highlighter.  It is a great tool to dust of setting powder under the eyes.


Our luxe buffer brush is formed for creams and liquids to apply foundation evenly and flawlessly. With its density it blends seamlessly to give you an all round smooth finish.
Our luxe large fan brush is easily used for appying highlighter to the face or body. It can also be used for dusting of any fallout.



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