How to Apply Strip Lashes

The Struggle 

A lot of women are put off by wearing strip lashes. Why? Because they simply do not know how to apply them and find it to be too fiddly.

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Why wear Lash strips?

Who doesnt want long voluminizing, thick and lengthy lashes, especially if you was not blessed enough to recieve it, unfortunately Mother nature was not kind enough to us all!                                                                                                                                      

There are so many lash types and styles to choose from, whether its mink lashes, 3D-4D mink lashes, faux mink, siberian silk, human hair the list goes on. 

The difference between a lot of lashes for example mink vs non mink is how many wears you can get out of it. Most mink lashes can be worn from 20 times upwards whilst other lashes may only be worn a few times, This is one of the reasons lash prices vary too. 

For a lot of us that wear false lashes, this is to enhance and give an overall finished chic look, especially on special occasions such as weddings, parties and photoshoots.

There is clearly a visible difference when false lash is worn vs not worn.



Having false lashes gives volume and makes the eyes look wider. It also gives that extra drive of glamour and sexiness.

Here is a step by Step Guide On how to Apply 

 Tools you need

1. Eyelash Tweezers (optional)

2. False Lashes 

3. Eyelash glue

4. Scissors 

5. A hand Mirror




1. Gently remove the lashes from the case

2. Take your mirror and look down at your mirror, by doing this you are able to see what you are doing and where the lash should be placed.

3. Place the one lash on your natural lash line eye. Look at where your lash line stops as this indicates where you may need to trim your false lash to be the same length as your lash line. 

4. Once you have measured the false lashes on eyes trim the false lashes from the outer corner of the lash. (Tip) Never trim from the inner corner as this can ruin the lash shape.)

5. Once you are happy with the length, apply the lash glue along the eyelash strip and let it set for 30 seconds. By doing this it allows the lash glue to become tacky and sticks to the lash line without falling off.

6. Take the lashes with your tweezers or your fingers and place as closely to the top of the lash line and hold in place for a few seconds. 

7. Use the lash tweezers or your fingers to gently press your lashes together to blend the false lash and your own lash together to complete the look.

8. Repeat Steps 1-6 on the other eye


Remember as this may be your first time. Do not rush the process and take your time. Practice makes perfect. 


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