7 things to do in Self Isolation: Staying at Home

As a mother of four girls and the founder of Jos Cosmetics London. Self isolating at the moment definitely has its challenges, so I really need to have a routine for my household, if not things can spiral out of control real quick and have me going crazy.



especially as I need to be able to work from home, homeschool the kids, along with every day tasks.

As we are self isolating I have put together a guide or a list of things to do during this time. Now is the time to slow down and get to know yourself again. Whether we like it or not we are self isolating for the next coming weeks, this is our reality. So it will help to get yourself into a routine.

Here are 7 things to do in Quarantine:


                                          1. Establishing a routine

Whether your working from home or not. Establishing a routine will make you feel more productive with a schedule of things to do each hour, not to mention you will definetly feel more productive as you tick of your list of things to do and maintain control.

                                             2. Exercise

If your one to always put of the gym or exercise because you have no time.  Now is the best time to start at home work outs. There are so many at home workouts to choose from, either from Youtube or paid plans on Phone apps the choice is yours from yoga to Hiit. Throw on your gym gear and get that heart pumping. Alternatively as we are allowed to have one form of exercise outside a day. By all means you can go for a stroll or run to help clear your head and recieve fresh air too. 


                                     3. Read a book

Why not catch up on a book you've been wanting to read, but for some reason never got the time or the chance. If you have children it might be useful to also know amazon have also announced all their children's audio books will be free to listen to whilst schools are closed. Here is the link 



                                       4. Learn a new skill

Now is the perfect time to concentrate on your business goals or a new skill you wanted to learn and even side hussle. There are plenty of materials online to learn from including cooking, how to start a business, trading and even brush up on your makeup skills.

Use this time to utilise knowledge and focus on your skill to keep your mind growing.

                         5. Catch up with family or besties.

There are online Apps to join such as house party or skype, so you can keep in touch with friends or family and have a catch up and watch favourite programmes together and have a laugh.

Now is the time to check in with friends and family especially those who are alone.


                            6. Re-organise your wardrabe /Clean Home


Deep clean the areas you will not usually get time to do.  Its a great feeling when you've reorganised or cleaned as you feel so satisfied and it is also good for your mindset to be in a clear, clean space.


                                               7. Wind Down


Watch a movie or catch up on your favourite programme, pamper yourself, run a bath and Wind down with your favourite drink, snacks and relax. Thats my favourite thing to do (especially when my kids are asleep)


Remember to keep safe. x


P.S I would love to have feedback and here what your up to during this isolation.




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